Autumn and Julia became fast friends, bonding over their mutual love of historic homes, photography, and good books. While they didn’t plan on co-authoring a novel, what started as daydreaming transformed into brainstorming and then actual writing.

A lifelong bookworm, Autumn loves nothing more than immersing herself in a fictional tale. When she isn’t dreaming up stories about insanely attractive guys, she spends her free time browsing antique stores and fixing up her house.

An adventurer at heart, Julia dabbles in everything from tap dance to calligraphy. When she's not traveling with her husband or playing with her daughter, Julia is learning new recipes, hiking, sailing, or inhaling copious amounts of fine chocolate.

Together, Autumn and Julia make the perfect pair, balancing impulsive with indecisive and attention to detail with an eye for the big picture. Despite their different personalities, Autumn and Julia share a common vision in their writing and love bouncing ideas off each other. They see the creative process as a challenge, a game, and delight in living in a world of their own creation.

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